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Table 5 Ingenuity analysis comprised of five networks on the genes differentially identified using SAM analysis.

From: Identification of differentially expressed genes in fibroblasts derived from patients with Dupuytren's Contracture

Networks Associated Network Functions Score Focus Genes Top Functions
1 AKR1C1, ALDH2, ALDH3A2, CD79B, CLU, FBLN1, GOS2, HSD11B1, IPO7, LAMA4, NPTX2, SERPINB8, SOD2, WTAP 26 14 Cell Death, Neurological Disease and Cancer
2 ADH1B, AIM1, CDO1, CHI3L2, FBXO2, JUP, KHDRBS3, PLA2G1B, PTPRN2, SEPP1, SMAD1, SMCY 12 12 Cell Death, Gene Expression, Cancer
3 COL14A1, MRLC2, MAGPA, NTF3, RGS16, RHOF, SGK 7 7 Dermatological Diseases and Conditions, Cellular Growth and Proliferation
4 DDIT4L 1 1 Cardiovascular System Development and Function, Cellular Compromise, Cellular Growth and Proliferation
5 PDK3 1 1 Lipid Metabolism, Nucleic Acid Metabolism, Small Molecule Biochemistry