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Table 2 SNPs showing low genotyping quality or failing in the SNPlex analysis.

From: Genotyping panel for assessing response to cancer chemotherapy

Panels DME Cell cycle DNA repair
SNPs* rs6413432 (CYP2E1) rs28371704 (CYP2D6) rs7439366 (UGT2B7) CYP1A2_m730C_T NAT1GID97 CYP2C19GID1 rs4987138 (CYP2D7P1) rs28383479 (CYP3A5) CYP3A5GID27289 CYP1A2GID3534 NAT1GID560 CYP2C19GID80161 rs2066827 (CDKN1B/p27) rs1799939 (RET) rs1042522 (TP53) rs17882155 (TP53) rs1801321 (RAD51) rs3219489 (MUTYH) rs4986940 (XRCC9) rs3218384 (XRCC2)
  1. *For sequence information, refer to the column in Additional file 1 titled "Unique name in the panel".