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Figure 7

From: Whole genome assessment of the retinal response to diabetes reveals a progressive neurovascular inflammatory response

Figure 7

Condition clustering using qPCR data. qPCR data from the set of 26 validated genes in the previous figures was clustered by principle components analysis (PCA) to provide a visualization of the relationship between treatments and experiment sets. The 1st component, corresponding to the experimental treatment accounted for 75.6% of the variance, while the replicate set of animals were separated by the 2nd component, accounting for 8.5% of the variance. Of note is that the 1 and 3 month STZ groups separate from the control animals and from each other, suggesting that a pattern of altered expression is beginning at 1 month. A high degree of similarity was evident between all of the control groups. Set 1 3 month data is not included because values for all genes could not be collected.

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