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Table 1 Sib2 inference error reduction when Sib1genotype is known.

From: My sister's keeper?: genomic research and the identifiability of siblings

Sib2 Sib1 Prior Prob. Posterior Prob. Error Reduction
AA AA p2 p2 + pq + 1/4q2 |p2 - [p2 + pq + 1/4q2]|
Aa AA 2pq pq + 1/2q2 |2pq - [pq + 1/2q2]|
aa AA q2 1/4q2 |q2 - [1/4q2]|
AA Aa p2 1/2p2 + 1/4pq |p2 - [1/2p2 + 1/4pq]|
Aa Aa 2pq 1/2p2 + (2/3)-1pq + 1/2q2 |2pq - [1/2p2 + (2/3)-1pq + 1/2q2]|
aa Aa q2 1/4pq + 1/2q2 |q2 - [1/4pq + 1/2q2]|
AA Aa p2 1/4p2 |p2 - [1/4p2]|
Aa Aa 2pq 1/2p2+pq |2pq - [1/2p2+pq]|
aa Aa q2 1/4p2 + pq + q2 |q2 - [1/4p2 + pq + q2]|
  1. The error reduction depends only on the allele frequencies, and at all frequencies, the error is reduced, improving the quality of genotypic inference.