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Table 2 Finding the MAF that maximizes the log likelihood ratio test statistic for each Sib2genotypic inference type.

From: My sister's keeper?: genomic research and the identifiability of siblings

Sib2 Sib1 Maximizing MAF Log(ΛInd1, Ind2 genotypes)
AA AA 0.01 3.407
Aa AA 0.01 3.699
aa AA 0.01 3.389
AA Aa 0.99 1.396
Aa Aa 0.01, 0.99 1.407
aa Aa 0.01 1.396
AA aa 0.99 3.389
Aa aa 0.99 3.699
aa aa 0.99 3.407
  1. The maximizing MAF is the allele population frequency at which the most information will be derived about the Sib2 genotype from Sib1 under that Sib genotypic combination. Note: There are two equally maximizing MAF values for Log(ΛSib1Aa, Sib2Aa), 0.01 and 0.99, both resulting in a value of 1.407.