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Table 4 Hyperclustered TRANSFAC and GO Category Annotations

From: Tobacco use induces anti-apoptotic, proliferative patterns of gene expression in circulating leukocytes of Caucasian males

Cluster TRANSFAC Annotations    
A V$POU3F2_02    
  V$ISRE_01: interferon-stimulated response element    
  V$MAZR_01: MAZ related factor    
  V$E2F1DP1_01: E2F-1:DP-1 heterodimer    
  V$E2F1_Q6: E2F-1    
Cluster Common GO Parent Node Gene Ontology GO Level GO Name
B signal transduction [4] GO:0007165 GO:0007264 6 small GTPase mediated signal transduction
   GO:0007165 4 signal transduction
   GO:0007242 5 intracellular signaling cascade
C programmed cell death [5] GO:0012501 GO:0006917 8 induction of apoptosis
   GO:0012502 7 induction of programmed cell death
   GO:0043068 6 positive regulation of programmed cell death
   GO:0043065 7 positive regulation of apoptosis
   GO:0050794 3* regulation of cellular process
   GO:0016265 3* death
   GO:0008219 4* cell death
   GO:0012501 5 programmed cell death
   GO:0006915 6 apoptosis
   GO:0043067 5 regulation of programmed cell death
   GO:0042981 6 regulation of apoptosis
D response to stress [4] GO:0006950 GO:0006950 4 response to stress
E macromolecule metabolic process [4] GO:0043170 GO:0006493 9 O-linked glycosylation
   GO:0043170 4 macromolecule metabolism
   GO:0044260 5 cellular macromolecule metabolism
   GO:0019222 4* regulation of metabolism
F transcription [6] GO:0006350 GO:0006350 6 transcription
   GO:0045449 6 regulation of transcription
   GO:0019219 5* regulation of nucleo-base, -side, -tide and nucleic acid metabolism
   GO:0006355 7 regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
   GO:0006351 7 transcription, DNA-dependent
G cell cycle process [6] GO:0022402 GO:0000082 7 G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle
   GO:0000132 11 mitotic spindle orientation
H mevalonate transport [8] GO:0015728 GO:0015728 8 mevalonate transport
  1. * Node is not a child of the parent node for this group