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Table 3 Evaluation of cell cycle gene expression signature as breast cancer prognosis markers by supervised methods.

From: Identification of a gene signature in cell cycle pathway for breast cancer prognosis using gene expression profiling data

Gene signature model Number of genes used in the classification model Training and testing: Wang dataset [8] Independent validation: Miller dataset [22] Independent validation: Pawitan dataset [7]
The 70-gene signature 51 6.1E-05 0.057 0.051
Breast cancer 232 2.6E-09 0.0012 0.0019
Cell Cycle 108 1.4E-06 0.0050 0.0046
Random 232 1.8E-13 0.14 0.52
  1. The numbers represent the log-rank test P values in Kaplan-Meier analysis in the good and poor prognosis groups predicted by the Amsterdam 70-gene signature, the breast cancer gene set, the cell cycle gene set classifier, and the randomly selected gene set respectively.