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Table 3 Information on biological processes based on Gene ontology.

From: Searching for molecular markers in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) by statistical and bioinformatic analysis of larynx-derived SAGE libraries

Cell communication  
Biological Process Up-regulated genes
   signal transduction CXCL14, OR4S2, RPS6KA1, TNFRSF18, TNFSF10
   cell-cell signaling TOLLIP
Transcription NRG1, SUMO1
Apoptosis INCA
   induction TNFSF10
   anti-apoptosis PRKCZ, TNFRSF18
Cell-adhesion MSLN
Cell cycle CCND1, UBE2C
Cell proliferation  
   negative regulation EMP3
Cellular development process  
   cell differentiation KRT19
Developmental process  
   organ development KRT19
epidermis development  
Response to stimulus  
   defense response  
inflammatory response SERPINA3
   response to stress  
response to oxidative stress GPX2
   response to external stimulus CXCL14, OR4S2
Transport HBB
Metabolic process NADK
   protein metabolic process DKFZP586H2123, INCA, NRG1, SULF2, UBE2C, USP9X
protein modification process CCND1, POMT2, PRKCZ, SUMO1, USP14
   lipid metabolic process SERPINA3
   carbohydrate metabolic process DCXR
   RNA metabolic process PCBP2
RNA processing RBM17
DNA repair SUMO1
No classification: ANXA7, BRD9, C6orf148, CMIP, FLJ23577, LOC283516, LOC283731, LOC388796, MFAP2, RRP15, SNCG, TMEM109, ZC3H7B
  Down-regulated genes
Apoptosis KLK8
   induction IGFBP3
   anti-apoptosis ANGPTL4
Cell adhesion SAA1
Cell migration SAA1
Cell cycle  
   Negative regulation KLK10
Cell proliferation  
   Negative regulation FGFBP1
   keratynocyte proliferation KLK8
Cellular development process  
   cell differentiation IGFBP3, KLK8, SPON2
   keratinocyte differentiation SPRR2E, SPRR2F, SPRR3
Developmental process SPRR2E, SPRR2F
   organ development  
ectoderm development KRT6A
epidermis development SPRR2E, SPRR2F, SPRR3
keratinization SPRR2E, SPRR2F, SPRR3
Response to stimulus  
   defense response NCF1
inflammatory response PI3, S100A8, S100A9,
   immune response DEFB4, HLA-A, PI3, TAPBP
   response to stress HIG2, KLK8
   response to external stimulus KLK8, SAA1
Angiogenesis ANGPTL4
Transport ALDH3A1, HBA2, PGD
Metabolic process ALDH3A1, TPI1
   protein metabolic process TAPBP
protein modification process CCT3, FKBP9L, HSPE1, IGFBP3
   lipid metabolic process PLA2G4E, TPI1
   carbohydrate metabolic process PGD, TPI1
Cellular homeostasis SAA1
No classification C10orf99, C9orf58, CAPNS2, FAM129B, GPRASP2, IGHA1, LMNA, LOC645960, LYPD2, MUC1, NOL6, PSME2, SLFN13, SNHG8, TJP2, TncRNA
  1. Top up- and down-regulated genes selected from SAGE in N+ tumor sample compared to N0 sample.