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Figure 5

From: Midkine is a NF-κB-inducible gene that supports prostate cancer cell survival

Figure 5

Immunohistochemical staining of prostate tissue microarrays. The early stage cancers were from radical prostatectomy specimens derived from patients with clinically localized prostate cancers; while the late stage cancers were derived from transurethral resection specimens of prostate cancers that had advanced beyond the stage treatable by radical prostatectomy; the normal prostate tissues were from the non-tumorous portions of the radical prostatectomy specimens; the prostate tissue microarray slides were stained with 0.6 μg/ml rabbit anti-midkine antibodies using the VECTSTAIN elite ABC Reagent and DAB Substrate Kit according to the manufacturer's protocol and counter-stained with hematoxylin; representative negative (Normal Epithelium and Early Stage Cancer) and strongly positive (Late Stage Cancer) midkine staining are shown; original magnification: × 400.

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