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Figure 1

From: Monocytes of patients with familial hypercholesterolemia show alterations in cholesterol metabolism

Figure 1

Serum oxLDL levels and neutral lipid content of monocytes from FH patients and healthy individuals. A: Serum oxLDL concentrations of homo- and heterozygous FH patients and controls (homozygous FH n = 8, heterozygous FH n = 8, controls n = 19). B, C: Monocytes from controls and homozygous FH patients were stained with Oil Red O to visualize neutral lipid content. B: Representative stainings are shown. C: Histogram of percentage of Oil Red O positive monocytes of FH patients and controls. Monocytes of 15 randomly taken pictures were counted, > 200 monocytes/person (FH homozygous n = 3, controls n = 4). Histogram bars indicate the mean ± SD, (* p < 0.05).

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