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Figure 5

From: Monocytes of patients with familial hypercholesterolemia show alterations in cholesterol metabolism

Figure 5

Expression of NPC1 and ABCA1 in monocytes of FH patients and of healthy control individuals. A: qRT-PCR shows that mRNA expression of NPC1 is decreased in FH monocytes. B: Western Blot analysis of Npc1 and Abca1 in monocytes of three homozygous FH patients and three controls. C: qRT-PCR analysis of ABCA1 expression fold change during differentiation of monocytes to macrophages over 10 days of homozygous FH patients (n = 4) and healthy controls (n = 4). Histogram bars indicate the mean ± SD. Expression levels in control monocytes were compared with those of all FH carriers and with FH homozygotes only (* p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01).

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