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Figure 4

From: Complex nature of SNP genotype effects on gene expression in primary human leucocytes

Figure 4

Cis -effects obscure detection of co-expression with other genes a) Co-expression for significant cis -eQTLs was determined; resulting in the identification of co-expression pairs with generally low absolute correlation coefficients b) Through removal of the genotypic effect on the cis -eQTL probe, for some cis -eQTLs strong co-expression can be more easily detected. c) An example for UBA52 indicates that a conditioned co-expression analysis can help to identify meaningful biological relationships: Within the conditioned co-expression distribution (indicated in dark blue) there are more strongly co-expressed genes, opposed to an unconditioned analysis (indicated in red). This is supported by an analysis of 156 known interacting genes for UBA52: In the conditioned co-expression analysis (indicated in light blue) co-expression is generally much stronger than in the unconditioned analysis (indicated in yellow).

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