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Figure 2

From: Impaired immune function in Gulf War Illness

Figure 2

Functional network of the 9 NK genes differentiating cases from controls. The genes were overlaid onto a global molecular network developed from information contained in the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base and networks were algorithmically generated based on connectivity. The genes added to the network as connecting molecules are colored grey. The node shape denotes transmembrane receptor (vertical oval), transcription factor (horizontal oval), cytokine (square), kinase (triangle), peptidase (diamond), and a group or complex (double ringed circle). The edges stand for the gene relationship; solid lines indicate a direct interaction, a dashed line an indirect interaction. A solid arrow head between two nodes denotes gene A at arrow base "acts on" gene B at arrow head. Green node color indicates protein correlated to NK cell subset by QTA that differentiates GWI cases from controls.

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