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Figure 9

From: Correlation of microRNA levels during hypoxia with predicted target mRNAs through genome-wide microarray analysis

Figure 9

Correlation of specific genes with predicted groups of miRNAs (PicTar). The expression levels in hypoxia and normoxia of each gene specific miRNA group were plotted. Significant deviation of the regression line (solid) from the line of equality (dotted line) indicates co-regulation of the group. Panel a shows histogram of the p-values for miRNA groups of all coding genes represented in the study for PicTar. Frequency on y-axis refers to the number of genes involved. Panels b-d depict CFTR, NRBF2, and GALNT3 as examples of mRNA regulation by gene-specific miRNA groups. The red dots indicate gene specific miRNAs for each given gene.

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