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Figure 3

From: The apoptotic machinery as a biological complex system: analysis of its omics and evolution, identification of candidate genes for fourteen major types of cancer, and experimental validation in CML and neuroblastoma

Figure 3

Interactomics of AM. Panel A. AM Network: red circles represent the proteins; green triangles represent experimentally verified microRNAs; blue triangles represent predicted microRNAs; blue lines represent the interactions (protein-protein, protein-DNA, microRNA-mRNA interactions). Panel B. Matrix of interactions of AM. Each axis represents all AM proteins and the red dots indicate the presence of an interaction of a given pair of proteins. The blue lines point out the BCL2, CASPASE and STAT family members. Panel C. Heat map of centrality values of AM proteins: the X-axis represents the AM proteins with the highest centrality, while the Y-axis represents different centrality parameters (betweenness, centroid, closeness, degree, eccentricity). The colours indicate the centrality levels, according to the colour bar shown on the right of the matrix.

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