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Table 6 MIR genes localized in rearranged genome regions and transcriptionally altered

From: The apoptotic machinery as a biological complex system: analysis of its omics and evolution, identification of candidate genes for fourteen major types of cancer, and experimental validation in CML and neuroblastoma

GAIN/UP     MIR10A  
GAIN/DOWN    MIR133A2*, MIR1-1* MIR1-1*  
LOSS/DOWN MIR1-2*, MIR133A1*, MIR30C-1 MIRLET7G, MIR128B MIRLET7F1, MIRLET7G, MIRLET7D, MIR101-2, MIR10A, MIR128B, MIR143, MIR152, MIR15A, MIR15B, MIR16-1, MIR195, MIR199B, MIR19A, MIR19B1, MIR218-1, MIR218-2, MIR23B, MIR26A-1, MIR29C, MIR30B, MIR30D, MIR320, MIR34A, MIR34B MIR130B, MIR141, MIR182, MIR19A, MIR19B1, MIR19B2, MIR200C, MIR222, MIR92A1, MIR92A2 MIR15A, MIR16-1, MIR19A, MIR19B1
  1. The symbol * indicates those mature MIRs that could be encoded by different pre-MIR genes, localized in different genomic positions.