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Figure 4

From: Network analysis of human glaucomatous optic nerve head astrocytes

Figure 4

Activation of the NF- κ B module in the ONHA-specific disease network. A. An AN network for upregulated genes connected to the NF-κB regulated cluster. The network objects regulated by NF-κB are grouped according to the GO processes, and color-coded as shown in the boxes below. The color density of red indicator circles reflects the degree of up-regulation. See Figure 2 and see Additional File 1, Supplement Table S3 for full legend. B. Immunohistochemistry data indicated increased accumulation of both p50 (arrows) and nuclear translocation of phospho-p65 (arrowhead) subunits of the NF-kB heterodimer in glaucomatous ON tissue. Boxed inserts in left upper corners represent high-maginification images of cells showing activated NF-kB subunits. Astrocytes are stained for GFAP (green), nuclei for DAPI (blue), size bars= 50 μm.

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