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Figure 6

From: Network analysis of human glaucomatous optic nerve head astrocytes

Figure 6

Complement pathway activation in glaucomatous ONHAs. A. The relevant proteomic data (solid red indicator 1) and the differential gene expression data (indicators 2 and 3), mapped on the canonical pathway originally characterized in macrophage, show cross-verification of the complement pathway activation in glaucomatous ONHAs. Pathway steps confirmed by both data types are highlighted with ovals. Differential gene expression data are shown for Group 1 and 2 separately. B, C Immunostaining (red) for clusterin (CLU, arrowheads) and complement C3c (C3c) showing increased accumulation of both proteins in the lamina cribrosa (LC) region of glaucomatous vs. normal human ONH. Control staining for CLU was performed with primary antibodies omitted (B, right panel). DAPI-stained nuclei, blue; size bar = 50 μm

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