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Table 6 Distribution of GO processes in glaucomatous ONHAs revealed by proteomics

From: Network analysis of human glaucomatous optic nerve head astrocytes

Top 10 GO processes (for 35 proteins) p-value maps (for 20 mapped proteins) p-value
Complement activation. Alternative pathway 3.60E-06 CDC42 in cellular processes 1.10E-03
Response to heat 1.10E-05 Alternative complement pathway 1.70E-03
Nucleosome assembly 3.80E-05 Putative ubiquinin pathway 3.10E-03
Complement activation 4.10E-05 Role of ASK1 under oxydative stress 3.20E-03
Glycogen catabolism 5.40E-05 Role of IAP proteins in apoptosis 4.10E-03
DNA DSB repair via homologous recombination 1.00E-04 Glucocorticoid receptor signaling 5.10E-03
Chromosome organization 1.40E-04 Role of Akt in hypoxia 7.80E-03
Carbohydrate metabolism 1.50E-04 Parkin disorder under Parkinson's disease 8.10E-03
Innate immune response 2.20E-04 Role of Parkin in the ubiquitin-proteosomal pathway 8.10E-03
Small GTPase mediated signal transduction 3.10E-04 Urea cycle 3.40E-02