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Table 8 Distribution of GO processes and pathways maps for the "literature" G-set gene list

From: Network analysis of human glaucomatous optic nerve head astrocytes

Top GO processes p-value Pathway maps p-value
Response to wounding 7.09E-07 ECM remodeling 2.00E-12
Cell proliferation 3.63E-06 VDR in regulation of differentiation 1.10E-06
Visual perception 2.08E-05 Heme metabolism 3.90E-06
Blood pressure regulation 2.34E-05 IL1 signaling pathway 5.70E-06
Heart development 2.92E-05 MIF in innate immune response 2.30E-05
Inflammatory response 7.58E-05 Integrin outside-out signaling 1.10E-04
Peptide transport 8.03E-05 MAPK cascade. Nuclear function of p38-MAPK 1.20E-04
Cytosol to ER transport 8.03E-05 HGF signaling pathway 1.50E-04
Positive regulation of I-kB/NF-kB cascade 9.90E-05 JNK pathway 1.80E-04
Skeletal development 1.11E-04 Plasmin signaling 2.30E-04
  1. Bolded, processes and maps similar to those revealed with the gene expression data