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Figure 3

From: Similar gene expression profiles of sporadic, PGL2-, and SDHD-linked paragangliomas suggest a common pathway to tumorigenesis

Figure 3

Heatmap of chromosome 11 genes located on 11p15 and the PGL2 minimal haplotype on 11q13. The upper heatmap represents genes located on chromosome 11 region 11p15, and the lower heatmap the PGL2 minimal haplotype located on 11q13. Samples are represented as columns and genes as rows. Samples are ordered from left to right: PGL2-linked paragangliomas (yellow), SDHD-linked paragangliomas (blue), and sporadic paragangliomas (grey). No significant differences in gene expression can be observed for genes located on the 11p15 region, which has been implicated in SDHD-linked paraganglioma formation, or for genes within the PGL2 minimal haplotype located on 11q13.

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