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Table 1 KEGG Pathway Enrichment

From: Prediction of HIV-1 virus-host protein interactions using virus and host sequence motifs

AML 1.97E-05 2.68E-05 2.07E-05 8.55E-05 2.66E-08 3.08E-04
Adherens junction 2.15E-09 NA 8.21E-11 NA 6.74E-06 NA
Apoptosis 4.58E-04 1.43E-13 5.18E-04 6.54E-04 3.91E-03 3.88E-13
B cell receptor signaling pathway 4.86E-06 8.73E-10 2.88E-04 2.90E-04 1.25E-09 5.57E-06
Cell cycle NA NA NA NA 2.88E-04 1.90E-01
CML 7.21E-05 2.23E-05 1.17E-06 2.46E-05 1.01E-09 7.53E-07
Colorectal cancer 1.07E-05 3.18E-04 4.68E-08 3.31E-03 4.50E-04 1.42E-03
Endometrial cancer 6.03E-04 1.62E-02 1.66E-04 2.10E-03 5.03E-07 3.83E-04
Epithelial cell signaling in H. pylori infection 2.29E-04 3.84E-06 2.07E-06 2.83E-05 NA NA
ErbB signaling 2.27E-10 5.70E-04 1.70E-12 9.22E-04 1.53E-12 1.66E-05
Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway 8.43E-04 6.23E-21 2.14E-05 2.20E-07 9.62E-05 1.52E-04
Focal adhesion 2.82E-06 2.30E-03 2.31E-07 6.90E-02 5.28E-08 3.36E-09
Gap junction 1.90E-04 1.26E-04 NA NA 1.12E-04 7.18E-10
Glioma 1.50E-04 1.24E-05 4.99E-06 6.02E-03 1.56E-07 6.79E-11
Insulin signaling 1.53E-07 8.84E-02 1.73E-04 3.50E-01 2.91E-07 7.35E-02
Jak-STAT signaling 4.08E-08 2.15E-04 4.09E-09 1.28E-01 2.32E-17 4.91E-03
Leukocyte transendothelial migration 1.94E-07 2.21E-08 1.17E-08 6.36E-01 3.28E-05 1.45E-01
Long-term potentiation 6.79E-05 2.20E-02 NA NA 9.04E-03 2.38E-10
MAPK signaling 5.19E-08 6.32E-04 1.58E-09 3.27E-03 1.18E-03 5.15E-01
NK cell mediated cytotoxicity NA NA NA NA 9.50E-06 5.31E-15
Non-small cell lung cancer 4.28E-05 1.25E-04 1.26E-05 1.67E-03 7.55E-06 1.45E-06
Pancreatic cancer 1.26E-04 5.54E-07 1.10E-05 2.50E-06 1.03E-05 8.15E-08
Pathogenic E. coli infection – EHEC 3.77E-03 1.00E+00 2.94E-03 NA 9.74E-03 3.25E-01
Phosphatidylinositol signaling system 1.36E-03 1.72E-04 2.37E-03 NA 2.19E-05 9.74E-06
Prostate cancer 1.90E-04 1.26E-04 6.26E-06 6.56E-05 5.46E-09 1.11E-07
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton 4.30E-03 6.02E-01 1.73E-03 8.79E-01 2.66E-03 7.65E-01
Small cell lung cancer 1.94E-03 3.71E-10 8.42E-05 4.25E-02 1.12E-04 4.09E-14
T cell receptor signaling pathway NA NA NA NA 1.56E-06 1.35E-11
Tight junction 1.24E-03 1.00E+00 5.29E-04 NA NA NA
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 5.16E-03 2.04E-14 5.37E-05 2.04E-14 NA NA
Type II diabetes mellitus NA NA NA NA 3.47E-03 5.95E-01
VEGF signaling 3.23E-03 4.89E-15 6.79E-03 8.82E-03 1.88E-05 4.07E-12
  1. KEGG Pathways enriched (p-value < 0.01, see Methods) in HHP for HIV-1 ENV, NEF, and TAT. HHE enrichment is also indicated.