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Table 1 Frequency of down-regulation of expression of DUX-related genes in normal tissues and cervical carcinomas

From: Hypermethylation of genomic 3.3-kb repeats is frequent event in HPV-positive cervical cancer

Samples No. tested Down-regulation of mRNA
Normal cervical tissues 5 0
Adjacent to tumors nonmalignant cervical tissues 24 5 (20.8%)*
Tumors 44 30 (68.2%)
   P = 0.003**
Cervical cancer cell lines 5 4
  1. Down-regulation was defined as the ratio normal/tumor exhibiting at least threefold reduction of mRNA level in tumor or the absence of mRNA expression.
  2. * Products of PCR were absent in adjacent normal tissue as well as matched tumor.
  3. ** Fisher's exact test