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Table 1 The pattern of motifs in the core promoter has a significant association with gene expression in a group of holdout genes not used in motif discovery analysis.

From: Identification of gene co-regulatory modules and associated cis-elements involved in degenerative heart disease

Correlation (microarray): Contractile Energy Generation Protein Translation
   High Low High Low High Low
Pattern: Yes: 74 1638 152 1371 35 178
  No: 13 768 25 437 51 1429
Odds Ratio: 2.66 (1.46 – 5.28)   1.93 (1.24 – 3.13)   5.50 (3.37 – 8.89)  
Fisher's p < 5.65e-4 2.03e-3 1.16e-11
  1. Contingency tables show the relationship between the pattern of motifs in the core promoter region and the expression patterns of genes in the test group (n = 3473), not used during motif the discovery procedure. The correlation thresholds were set to r > 0.8 (high) and r < 0 (low). The odds ratio measures the strength of association between the pattern of motifs in each promoter and the pattern of expression. The 95% confidence interval of the odds ratio is shown in parentheses. The p-value calculated using Fisher's exact test is given in the bottom row.