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Table 2 Biological pathways repressed by hypermethylation

From: Integrated analysis of DNA methylation and gene expression reveals specific signaling pathways associated with platinum resistance in ovarian cancer

Pathways Downregulated genes
Hypermethylated and downregulated genes
Fisher's Exact Test p-values§
  Input genes in pathway Corrected p-value Input genes in pathway Genes in pathway Corrected p-value  
Cell adhesion molecules 14 1.95E-164 4 ITFAV, CLDN11, NEO1, CDH2 0 0.002*
Tight junction 13 1.40E-03 3 CLDN11, PPP2R4, INADL 9.93E-07 0.016*
PPAR signaling pathway 6 1.17E-01 2 CPT1A, SLC27A6 5.20E-03 0.024*
Leukocyte transendothelial migratio'n 9 2.34E-01 1 CLDN11 2.51E-02 0.326
  1. Pathways listed are all pathways regulated by hypermethylated and downregulated genes, determined by Pathway Express corrected p-value < 0.05.
  2. § Pathway enrichment p-values were calculated using a one-tail Fisher's exact test. Asterisks show p-value < 0.05