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Table 2 SAM results

From: MLL rearrangements in pediatric acute lymphoblastic and myeloblastic leukemias: MLL specific and lineage specific signatures

Constant part Phenotype Phenotype Translocation Translocation
Variable part Translocation Translocation Phenotype Phenotype
Comparison ID L1 L3 L2 L4
SAM comparisons ALL/MLL(-) vs ALL/MLL(+) AML/MLL(-) vs AML/MLL(+) ALL/MLL(-) vs AML/MLL(-) ALL/MLL(+) vs AML/MLL(+)
up/down ALL/MLL(-) 1013/740   1378/754  
up/down AML/MLL(-)   155/555 754/1378  
up/down ALL/MLL(+) 740/1013    379/601
up/down AML/MLL(+)   555/155   601/379
Total 1753 710 2132 980
(Common) Signature 379 Translocation specific 622 Phenotype specific
  1. SAM results for comparisons between considered subgroups. Translocation-specific signature was obtained by matching deregulated probe sets from L1 and L3 comparisons, phenotype-specific signature from L2 and L4 comparisons.