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Table 4 There was a significant effect of genotype at two SNPs on IRF5 expression according to the mRNA by SNP Browser data which supported the investigation of the effects of these SNPs on probeset expression in the present study.

From: Exon expression in lymphoblastoid cell lines from subjects with schizophrenia before and after glucose deprivation

Gene Location Affymetrix Probeset ID SNP Marker Effect Size LOD p-value
IRF5 7q32 205468_s_at rs4728142 -0.521 9.527 3.50E-11
IRF5 7q32 205468_s_at rs10488630 -0.381 4.937 1.90E-06
  1. The top 25 Diagnosis × Probeset transcripts were examined in mRNA by SNP Browser software [28, 30, 29] to identify SNPs associated with candidate gene expression from LCLs. This table lists the SNP associated with each Affymetrix U133 probeset ID, with the associated effect size, logarithm of the odds (LOD) score and p-value that were obtained from mRNA by SNP Browser data.