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Table 5 Candidate SNPs within probesets were genotyped by resequencing and tested for the effect of genotype on exon array expression obtained in LCLs.

From: Exon expression in lymphoblastoid cell lines from subjects with schizophrenia before and after glucose deprivation

SNP F-statistic p-value
rs10954213 17.24 0.0001
rs10954214 22.13 0.0004
rs4728142 4.17 0.04
rs11770589 1.21 0.32
rs10488630 0.56 0.47
  1. There was a significant effect of IRF5 SNP genotype on microarray expression of the IRF5 probeset 3023264, for 3 of the 5 SNPS tested by ANOVA.