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Figure 2

From: CNAReporter: a GenePattern pipeline for the generation of clinical reports of genomic alterations

Figure 2

Diagnostic examples. In (A) we show a patient sample predominantly with strong deletions on chromosome 1, 4 and 19. The prevalence of a deletion and loss-of-heterozygosity (LOH) of 1p and 19q areas indicates the presence of an oligodendroglioma (red shaded areas in the genomic profile and chromosome plot). In (B), a patient sample shows a variety of copy number alterations. While the 1p/19q deletions are missing, we find a large deletion with LOH on chromosome 10, homozygous deletion on chromosome 9 (red shaded areas) and amplification of chromosome 7 (blue shaded areas), changes that are prototypic for a glioblastoma.

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