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Table 1 Markers over expressed in astrocytic cancer cells (GND > C).

From: Astrocytes derived from trisomic human embryonic stem cells express markers of astrocytic cancer cells and premalignant stem-like progenitors

Fold change
CSRP1 NM_004078 57.34
HSPA1A NM_005345 28.56
TUBB2B NM_178012 19.70
GPNMB NM_001005340 17.55
PSMD5 NM_005047 17.52
PTPRD NM_002839 12.00
APOE NM_000041 11.27
MAGEH1 NM_014061 10.26
TYW3 NM_138467 9.56
SESN3 NM_144665 8.03
CTSH NM_004390 7.88
CRYZ NM_001889 7.81
PIK3R1 NM_181523 6.50
TAF9B NM_015975 6.17
ETV1 NM_004956 6.08
GUCY1A3 NM_000856 5.87
GPRC5B NM_016235 5.84
CPXM1 NM_019609 5.38
HDAC9 NM_178423 5.15
GUCY1B3 NM_000857 4.76
SIPA1L2 NM_020808 4.47
HNMT NM_006895 4.29
SHMT1 NM_004169 3.46
THRB NM_001128177 3.13
  1. A subset of gene transcripts derived from Additional file 5, Table S4 exhibiting at least three-fold over expression in trisomic BG01V APCs (G), glioblastoma samples (N) and CCF-STTG1 astrocytoma cells (D) relative to diploid H9 APCs (C), which was obtained by filtering data using a p value < 0.02. Fold change was derived from the GNvC group comparison in Additional file 5, Table S4.