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Table 2 Markers over expressed in premalignant astrocytic stem-like/progenitor cells (GN > CD).

From: Astrocytes derived from trisomic human embryonic stem cells express markers of astrocytic cancer cells and premalignant stem-like progenitors

Fold change
RGS5 NM_003617 30.43
CHI3L1 NM_001276 25.26
FKBP5 NM_004117 10.71
LPHN2 NM_012302 10.33
SLC40A1 NM_014585 9.16
IGFBP2 NM_000597 8.42
SERPINB9 NM_004155 8.10
PPP2R2B NM_181674 7.59
PROM1 NM_006017 7.34
ST8SIA4 NM_005668 7.23
GPC4 NM_001448 7.11
P2RY5 NM_005767 6.18
LASS6 NM_203463 5.41
SNTB1 NM_021021 5.24
KCNMB4 NM_014505 5.18
ASTN1 NM_004319 4.77
CCDC3 NM_031455 4.76
RHOU NM_021205 4.74
MTUS1 NM_001001924 4.32
PPAP2B NM_003713 3.60
ZNF238 NM_205768 3.53
  1. A subset of gene transcripts over expressed in trisomic BG01V APCs (G) and glioblastoma samples (N) relative to diploid H9 APCs (C) and CCF-STTG1 astrocytoma cells (D). Fold change was derived from GNvCD group comparison in Additional file 6, Table S5, filtered at p value < 0.02.