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Table 3 Signaling Pathway Networks that Involve Nitroproteomic Data From Pituitary Adenoma and Control.

From: Signaling pathway networks mined from human pituitary adenoma proteomics data

Networks Nodes (genes; proteins) in Network Score Nodes Identified Nodes (Nitroproteins) Top Functions
10 (Adenoma) ARHGAP5, beta-estradiol, FAM105B, GNL1, GRIP2, H2-Q4, Histone h3, IFI203, IL17B, IL17C, IL1B, IL1F5, IL1F6, IRAK2, IRG1, MAPK11 PREDICTED, MHC CLASS I D2D ANTIGEN, MMD, NFRKB, PCDH7, Pka, PLD3, PRKAR1B, PSMA2, RAB32, RHOA, RHPN2, SCUBE2, TM4SF1, TNF, TPD52L2, TWIST2, UBB, UBC, ZNF267 24 35 9 Cancer, Cell Cycle, Reproductive System Disease
11 (Control) ACTA2 (includes EG:59), ACTC1, ACTG2, Actin, BCL2, beta-estradiol, BMF, CAP2, ELK1, EPS8L2, ESPN, F Actin, FCAR, FEZ2, FOS, GAK, GZMC, KLK11, KRT81 (includes EG:3887), LIMA1, MBOAT5, MSMB, PAQR3, PDZK1IP1, PRKG2, PRPS1, PSMA2, PTPRK, RAB31, RPN2, SELENBP1, SNAP91, STC1, TGFB1, TMOD3 26 35 9 Gene Expression, Cellular Development, Connective Tissue Development and Function