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Table 2 Information on biological processes based on Gene Ontology.

From: Genomics and proteomics approaches to the study of cancer-stroma interactions

Biological Process Down-regulated genes
Cell communication  
   signal transduction S100A6, FN1
Transcription FOSL1
Translation RPL37A, RPL7, RPL19, RPL27A, RPLP0
Apoptosis CTSB
   anti-apoptosis TPT1
Cell adhesion FN1
Cell proliferation  
   positive regulation S100A6, FOSL1
Developmental process  
   organ development  
epidermis development COL1A1
Response to stimulus  
   defense response FOSL1
   response to stress FN1
Transport ERGIC3, STX4
Metabolic process  
   protein metabolic process CTSB
   RNA processing PRPF3
No classification CIZ1, POLE4
  1. Top down-regulated genes selected by RaSH in CAF samples treated with HCM.