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Figure 4

From: Dynamic cross-talk analysis among TNF-R, TLR-4 and IL-1R signalings in TNFα-induced inflammatory responses

Figure 4

Refined PPANs for HUVEC under TNFα stress at different time stages. The illustration shows a time-series layout for each refined PPANs from 0 to 8 hour. Every refined PPAN is identified via a set of gene expression profile with five data points. In order to distinguish proteins involved in different signaling cascades, proteins belong to the same pathway are labeled with the same color. The progression of ever-changing associations obviously reveals that new connections continuously emerge, reflecting the fact that new signaling modules and function communities are involved in the endothelial inflammatory response to the TNFα stimulus. In addition, the top five hubs with highly connected degree are marked with larger font size. The numbers of nodes, edges and the highly connected hubs at different time stages are outlined in Table 2.

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