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Figure 6

From: Co-expressed immune and metabolic genes in visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue from severely obese individuals are associated with plasma HDL and glucose levels: a microarray study

Figure 6

Overview of pathways in subcutaneous adipose tissue related to plasma HDL-cholesterol levels. KEGG pathways, and PubMed and OMIM gene descriptions were used to generate an overview of the functions of the genes in SAT modules 4 and 8. Of the 395 genes present in both modules, approximately 200 genes could be assigned a function related to other genes in the two modules. These approximately 200 genes were included in the figure in order to present a schematic overview of processes involved in SAT modules 4 and 8. There is evidence that modules SAT 4 and SAT 8 represent different biological processes, but it is unclear what these differences exactly are. Genes in yellow belong to module SAT 4 and genes in green belong to SAT 8. Cellular trafficking of cholesterol is indicated with arrows. CE, cholesteryl esters.

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