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Table 4 Results summary of SNVs analyzed in the genes in AZFc region with one sample (2k44) showed DAZ4 deletion haplotype.

From: Genetic integrity of the human Y chromosome exposed to groundwater arsenic

Gene Allele A only Allele B only
TTY4 - 2k27, 2k28, 2k34, 2k42, 2k45
BPY2 2k12, 2k27, 2k28, 2k35, 2k38 1k4
GOLGA2LY 2k39, 2k40, 1k3, 1k4 2k44, 1k1, 1k8
DAZ SNV I 2K10, 2K18, 2K23, 2K44 -
DAZ SNV III 2K16, 2K17 2K46, 2K47