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Figure 1

From: Chemokine gene expression in lung CD8 T cells correlates with protective immunity in mice immunized intra-nasally with Adenovirus-85A

Figure 1

Cytokine responses of T cells to antigen 85A. BALB/c mice were immunized with Ad85A i.d. or i.n.. Lung and splenic lymphocytes were isolated 3 weeks post-immunization and stimulated with the dominant CD4 and dominant and subdominant CD8 peptides. The percentage of cells expressing IFNγ, TNF and IL-2 in (A) splenic CD8, (B) lung CD8, (C) splenic CD4 and (D) lung CD4 T cells as determined by flow cytometry. The values shown are the mean ± SEM from 3 mice per group and are representative of results obtained from at least 2 independent experiments.

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