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Table 5 List of the miRNA related to the rapid or early outcome of combination therapy

From: Hepatic microRNA expression is associated with the response to interferon treatment of chronic hepatitis C

Gene Name Fold Change (non RVR/RVR) p-value p-value without correction
hsa-let-7c 1.17 2.01E-02 8.31E-03
hsa-let-7d 1.13 3.50E-02 5.63E-02
hsa-miR-139 1.29 3.35E-02 2.70E-02
hsa-miR-324-5p 1.14 1.64E-02 3.24E-02
hsa-miR-768-5p 1.34 4.57E-02 1.29E-02
Gene Name Fold Change (non EVR/cEVR) p-value p-value without correction
hsa-miR-34b* 1.51 3.30E-02 1.69E-04
hsa-miR-23b 0.74 2.69E-02 8.91E-05
hsa-miR-422b* 0.67 2.40E-02 1.34E-04
hsa-miR-122 0.74 > 5.00E-02 3.07E-03
  1. Asterisk was denoted the common miRNAs appeared whose expression level between NR and SVR, and nonEVR and cEVR.