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Table 2 The characteristics included in Genotator from select resources.

From: Genotator: A disease-agnostic tool for genetic annotation of disease

Database Characteristics Incorporated
Genetic Association Database List of Genes
  "Yes" Association (published statement of link between gene and disease phenotype)
  "No" Association (published statement of no link between gene and disease)
  p-value (from genome wide association studies)
HuGE Navigator List of Genes (official gene symbols)
  Gene Prospector Score [9]
  List of PubMed References
Entrez Gene List of Genes (official gene symbols)
  Official Full Name
  Symbol Synonyms
  Chromosome Number
  Location on Chromosome
  Gene ID
  Ensembl ID
  1. All other databases listed in Table 1 provided a list of genes only.