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Table 5 Top 10 Parkinson's Disease Genes ranked on Genotator score.

From: Genotator: A disease-agnostic tool for genetic annotation of disease

Gene Score Literature Support Reference WRW Mention
LRRK2 105.1 Frequency of LRRK2 mutations in early-and late-onset Parkinson disease. [42] Y
MAPT 60.8 Different MAPT haplotypes are associated with Parkinson's disease and progressive supranuclear palsy. [43] Y
SNCA 59.8 Genome-wide association study confirms SNPs in SNCA and the MAPT region as common risk factors for Parkinson disease. [44] Y
PARK2 59.6 Case-control study of the parkin gene in early-onset Parkinson disease. [45] Y
APOE 34.7 Phenotypic associations of tau and ApoE in Parkinson's disease. [46]  
GBA 21.4 Genotype-phenotype correlations between GBA mutations and Parkinson disease risk and onset. [47] Y
BDNF 19.5 BDNF Val66Met polymorphism is associated with cognitive impairment in Italian patients with Parkinson's disease. [48]  
DRD2 18.7 Association of DRD3 and GRIN2B with impulse control and related behaviors in Parkinson's disease. [49]  
MAOB 17.1 Association of variations in monoamine oxidases A and B with Parkinson's disease subgroups. [50]  
PINK1 16.8 Parkin and PINK1 mutations in early-onset Parkinson's disease: comprehensive screening in publicly available cases and control. [51] Y
  1. The table lists the title and reference of the research study supporting the gene-disease association together with the official gene symbol. We used the recent review article by Wider, Ross, and Wszolek (2010) as a source for the most promising Parkinson's disease gene candidates (WRW Mention). A complete set of results is available online as Additional file 2.