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Table 5 Top-ranked miRNAs in MAF signature in the TCGA ovarian cancer data set

From: Multi-cancer computational analysis reveals invasion-associated variant of desmoplastic reaction involving INHBA, THBS2 and COL11A1

miRNA MI Up/Down Regulated
hsa-miR-22 0.204 Up
hsa-miR-514-1|hsa-miR-514-2|hsa-miR-514-3 0.193 Down
hsa-miR-152 0.187 Up
hsa-miR-508 0.168 Down
hsa-miR-509-1|hsa-miR-509-2|hsa-miR-509-3 0.164 Down
hsa-miR-507 0.152 Down
hsa-miR-509-1|hsa-miR-509-2 0.147 Down
hsa-miR-506 0.146 Down
hsa-miR-509-3 0.144 Down
hsa-miR-214 0.128 Up
hsa-miR-510 0.116 Down
hsa-miR-199a-1|hsa-miR-199a-2 0.115 Up
hsa-miR-21 0.112 Up
hsa-miR-513c 0.108 Down
hsa-miR-199b 0.103 Up
  1. All miRNAs have multiple test corrected p < 10-16 in terms of their association with COL11A1.