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Table 1 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of CLL patients

From: Concomitant heterochromatinisation and down-regulation of gene expression unveils epigenetic silencing of RELBin an aggressive subset of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in males

Patient's ID Sex Age (years) Binet's stage FISH Aberrations Treatment Matutes sCD23 PVT Apoptosis in vitro
B118R Male 89 A del(13q14) biallelic; del(11q22)monoallelic yes 5 160 Resistant
G151R Male 56 A del(13q14)biallelic yes 5 ND Resistant
E147R Male 70 A del(13q14)biallelic; del(17p13)monoallelic yes 4 ND Resistant
B138R Male 65 A del(13q14)monoallelic yes 5 ND Resistant
RM1 Male 81 A del(13q14)biallelic; del(17p13)monoallelic yes 5 105 Resistant
RM2 Male 77 A del(13q14)biallelic yes 5 400 Resistant
RM3 Male 56 A del(13q14)monoallelic yes 4 102 Resistant
RF1 Female 74 A del(13q14)biallelic; del(17p13)monoallelic yes 5 443 Resistant
RF2 Female 67 A del(13q14)monoallelic; del(17p13)monoallelic yes 5 72 Resistant
RF3 Female 56 A del(13q14)biallelic; del(17p13)monoallelic no 5 ND Resistant
U231R Female 76 A del(13q14)monoallelic yes 5 ND Resistant
G244S Female 63 A del(13q14)monoallelic; del(17p13)monoallelic no 5 ND Sensitive
B229S Female 78 A del(13q14)monoallelic no 5 ND Sensitive
S240S Female 67 A no no 4 ND Sensitive
SF1 Female 80 A ND no 4 70 Sensitive
SF2 Female 62 A ND no 4 28 Sensitive
SF3 Female 84 A ND no 5 97 Sensitive
SM1 Male 82 A ND no 4 52 Sensitive
SM2 Male 65 A no no 5 high Sensitive
SM3 Male 74 A del(13q14)monoallelic no 4 low Sensitive
L130S Male 77 A del(13q14)monoallelic no 4 ND Sensitive
S152S Male 77 A ND no 4 458 Sensitive
B130S Male 77 A del(13q14)monoallelic yes 4 93 Sensitive
B118S Male 89 A del(11q22) monoallelic yes 4 160 Sensitive
M124S Male 83 A ND no 5 ND Sensitive
  1. Apoptosis score was established 24 h after cell exposure to 10 Gy of γ-rays. Patients were considered sensitive (S) when the number of apoptotic cells was at least twofold higher in irradiated cells than in non-irradiated at 24 h of cell culture, or as resistant (R) when no difference was observed between irradiated and non-irradiated cells. Patients RM2 and B118S/R shifted from S to R status. Matutes scoring system was established to distinguish CLL from other lymphoproliferative disorders. This score is based on the immunophenotypic analysis of five markers: CD5+, CD23+, FMC7- and CD79b-, weak expression of monotypic κ or λ light chain. A value of 1 is assigned to a given marker with a level typical of CLL, and a total Matutes score at 4 or 5 indicates diagnosis of typical CLL. ND, not determined. Chromosomal aberrations were established by FISH using LSI ATM/LSI p53 and LSI D13S319/LSI 13q34/CEP12 probe sets (Abbott, France) which are complementary to 11q22.3, 17p13.1, 13q14.3, 13q34 and 12p11.1-q11 genome regions, respectively. To be taken into account, the aberration should be present in at least 5% of nuclei.