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Table 2 mRNA expression case-control analysis results for the NCI60 panel using mRNA expression data from BioGPS

From: Bioinformatic analyses identifies novel protein-coding pharmacogenomic markers associated with paclitaxel sensitivity in NCI60 cancer cell lines

Gene Probes p value Gene Probes p value
LPHN2 206953_s_at 0.6612   205337_at 0.0062
ROBO1 213194_at 0.5188   205338_s_at 0.0098
  213543_at 0.0095   216512_s_at 0.0053
  214492_at 0.0026   216513_at 0.0049
  210329_s_at 0.0031   214611_at 0.0077
  210330_at 0.0053   207242_s_at 0.0243
  215702_s_at 0.0293   205712_at 0.7332
  215703_at 0.0095 PTPRD 213362_at 0.6878
  217026_at 0.0117   214043_at 0.7795
  205043_at 0.0074 SNTG1 220405_at 0.0154
  1. Protein-coding genes which did not have any available probes to measure their expression (BTBD12, ZNF607) were excluded from this analysis along with cell lines that did not have data available. A total of 20 probes were available to help analyze the expression pattern of the 8 genes listed above. As well, only 54 of the cell lines (from the 58 used in the GWAS) were used in this analysis as the remainder lacked gene expression data. Expression differences between sensitive and resistant cell lines were considered to be significant if p < 0.05 for the Mann-Whitney U-test.