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Table 2 The accuracy rates resulting from GEP classification of lymph node biopsies into selected subtypes.

From: Discriminating lymphomas and reactive lymphadenopathy in lymph node biopsies by gene expression profiling

Comparison Subtypes Optimal number
of probes
Training set
accuracy rate (%)
Test set
accuracy rate* (%)
Global multi-class RL v cHL v FL v DLBCL 50 83.6 68.6
Local binary-class RL v Lymphoma 130 87.7 80.0
  cHL v NHL 40 89.2 82.1
  FL v DLBCL 10 84.8 76.1
Global binary-class cHL v remaining cases 30 91.4 82.8
  FL v remaining cases 60 82.7 88.5
  DLBCL v remaining cases 490 87.7 82.8
  1. * The reported independent test set accuracy rates indicate the proportion of correctly classified cases from the total number assessed in the test datasets.