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Table 3 Datasets used for meta analysis

From: Identification of SERPINA1 as single marker for papillary thyroid carcinoma through microarray meta analysis and quantification of its discriminatory power in independent validation

  Published PTC o.d. Platform Size
He PNAS 2005 9 0 9 Affy U133plus 54k
Huang PNAS 2001 8 0 8 Affy U95A 12k
Jarzab Cancer Res 2005 23 11 17 Affy U133A 22k
Reyes not published 7 0 7 Affy U133A 22k
  1. Microarray Data used for meta analysis. The studies used 2 types of benign samples: samples from patients that were operated for other thyroid disease (o.d) and samples from the contralateral lobe ( Data was obtained from GEO or institutional websites.