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Figure 1

From: Interaction of a traditional Chinese Medicine (PHY906) and CPT-11 on the inflammatory process in the tumor microenvironment

Figure 1

Effect of PHY906 and/or CPT-11 on tumor, spleen and liver. (a) Effect of PHY906 and/or CPT-11 on tumor size 72 hours after the initiation of treatment. The p-values refer to unpaired Student t test between groups. (b) Multidimensional scaling (MDS) based on the complete filtered data set including 18,549 transcripts demonstrating in Euclidian space distances among tumor, liver and spleen of animals treated with PBS. (c) Unsupervised, self-organizing clustering based on transcripts that passed for each tissue studied a filter requirement of 80% presence and at least one experiment with a ratio above 4 out of 18,549 that originally passed the less stringent filter (experimental clustering based on Kendal's Tau regression model, tumor = 2, 635 transcripts, spleen = 2,079 transcripts, liver = 1,059). (d) Self-organizing clustering based on 700 genes out of 1,132 tumor genes differentially expressed among the four treatment groups (F test, p-value cutoff < 0.001) that passed a filter of 80% presence and a log ratio ≥ 3 in at least one experiment. Highlighted in yellow is the area of the heat map were enhancement of the CPT-11 effects by the combination CPT-11+PHY906.

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