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Figure 2

From: Interaction of a traditional Chinese Medicine (PHY906) and CPT-11 on the inflammatory process in the tumor microenvironment

Figure 2

Effect of PHY906 and/or CPT-11 on tumor specific canonical pathway with immunologic function. (a) Stacked bar chart summarizing the 23 most affected canonical pathways with immunologic function according to IPA based on 7,348 genes with annotated function differentially expressed (t test cutoff p-value < 0.001) between colon 38 tumors and the combined liver and spleen database in animals treated with PBS. The same canonical pathways are portrayed looking at the effects on the tumor microenvironment of (b) PHY906, CPT-11 (c) and CPT-11+PHY906 (d). Finally, differences between CPT-11+PHY906 compared to CPT-11 alone are shown (e).

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