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Figure 6

From: Interaction of a traditional Chinese Medicine (PHY906) and CPT-11 on the inflammatory process in the tumor microenvironment

Figure 6

Quantitative PCR validation of selected genes relevant to the study that were identified as differentially expressed according to transcriptional analysis among different treatment groups. For each transcript, the first graph shows RNA array results followed by qPCR validation results. The Y-axis of the Array data graphs shows relative expression ratio of specific gene in samples relative to the mean of the same gene across PBS control group (REA-Relative Expression in Array). For qPCR validation, the data shown are of the relative expression (RE) of a gene of interest per actin molecule in sample compared to the averaged ratio of the gene of interest to actin for the entire control group (Y-axis). Statistics were Student t-tests (two tailed) performed by GraphaPad software. Error bars represent SD. The four graph bars on the X-axis for each graph represent the different treatment groups.

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