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Figure 1

From: Lineage relationship of prostate cancer cell types based on gene expression

Figure 1

Principal components analysis of prostate ABCG2 + cells. A: This human prostate PCA space is keyed on the transcriptomes of B, L, S, and E cells. Stem cell transcriptome is represented by that of NCCIT. Putative progenitor cells sorted from the prostate by antibody to ABGC2 (clone 5D3) or in SP are shown. Many 5D3 sorts (red cubes) are found to cluster near E except for that derived from specimen 04-126. This and two SPs are positioned nearer the NCCIT. B: The expression levels of CD133 and CD31 in 04-126, other 5D3 sorts (labeled as "5D3"), endothelial sorts (labeled as CD31+) and SP are indicated by array signal values on a gray scale in the data query display. The histograms below show the same query output. Note the different expression magnitude scales on the y-axis for the two genes.

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