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Figure 1

From: Systematic Bias in Genomic Classification Due to Contaminating Non-neoplastic Tissue in Breast Tumor Samples

Figure 1

Tumor classification for the 55 paired normal and tumor samples using (A) PAM50 intrinsic subtype predictor, (B) PAM50 Risk of Recurrence (ROR-S), (C) 70-gene good/poor prognosis signature (Mammaprint), and (D) 21-gene recurrence score predictor (Oncotype DX). The leftmost column in each panel shows the unadjusted classification, while subsequent columns show the effects of increasing normal tissue sampled with the tumor. Pure normal tissue gene expression is shown in the right column of each panel. Color coding is as follows: (A) Normal-like, green; Luminal A, dark blue; Luminal B, light blue; HER2E, magenta; and Basal-like, red (B) PAM50 ROR-S score low-risk, green; medium-risk, light blue, and high-risk, red (C) Prognosis score: good, green; poor, red. (D) 21-gene assay: low, green; intermediate, light blue; and high, red.

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